Character Analysis of Bonny Chong Essay

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Character Analysis Essay: Bonny Chong

An individual’s personality traits are the characteristics and qualities that distinguish one as distinctive. From the time we are in the womb, we have already begun to develop a sense of individuality and achieving what we want to be seen as. An infant who kicks their mother’s stomach since a young age might develop a personality that wants attention, while one who does not may be seen as relaxed and calm. However, our personality in nature is not always intact throughout our life. As we grow, we are challenged by our society’s limits and often influenced by our surroundings. Therefore, the way an individual is nurtured will differ from their initially inherent character, and they will start to
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As children grow up, many of them mature to create traits that will make them have what it takes to become self-reliant. However, it doesn't mean that they will have the courage to try to become what they want to be. Yet, Bonny is not one of those people. From these events, we see that Bonny had motivations and looks forward for the chances to improve on her skills and independence.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” This is a quote said by Albert Einstein. It is believed by many successful and well-known people that imagination has a greater significance than our knowledge. Bonny is the girl who comes up with the most random, yet innovative ideas. It is evident by the fact that she likes to think outside the box. Throughout the years, as she has many family gatherings and chances to hang out with her cousins, fun and entertaining ideas slowly run out. Like any other children, everyone would moan from the boredom. From the rant of her two cousins, she was pressured to come up with an engaging game. Although it might not have been the award winning game, she was able to contrive an unpredictable activity. Something, exciting, yet never seen before, two participants will pretend to die with a given scenario, and the judge gets to rate how each death is acted and classify the winner. Scenarios included having super long hair and accidentally stepping on it causing the brain to be yanked out. Other
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