Character Analysis of Faye from “a Secret Sorrow”

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June 8, 2011

Character Analysis of Faye
From “A Secret Sorrow”

In the story “A Secret Sorrow”, a woman by the name of Faye is battling a traumatic accident. The reference of the car accident sets the reader up for the tone of the story. In the beginning of chapter 11, Faye is very fragile woman. Something is making her feel distraught. When reading the first sentence “feel the blood drain from her face” (Van Der Zee 28) and “thought she was going to faint” (28), its not clear what permanent internal injury Faye has, as stated in the preface. In the following few paragraphs the author wrote, “clutched at him for support, fighting for control” and “legs were shaking so badly”. These descriptive statements of
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"You have a choice, don't you see that? You don't have to marry me. You could marry someone else and have children of your own." (34) With Faye saying that, Kai still chose to be with Faye because she is the only woman he has ever loved since the first day they met. He could not compare any other woman to Faye, mainly because Faye was different, unique, and filled with love, and she made him extremely happy.
Faye and Kai's relationship is one of those relationships that can never be broken. Meaning, that they have gotten to know each other and were now at the moment of planning the aspects of their life with one another. With this issue being lifted off their chests and them being able to get pass this situation, Kai and Faye fulfilled their dreams by getting married and adopting three desperate children, who had been longing for love and the warmth of caring parents, and never again having the fear of being abandoned with no food or roof over their heads.
Faye had to expect that she would one day have to explain her secret to Kai but why did she wait till he proposed to her? Why didn’t she tell him in the beginning of their relationship? Why did she even give love a chance knowing a man usually wants to have a future with a family?
In the beginning of the story Faye didn’t have hope in her love in future. She was previously engaged but broke it off and moved in with her
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