Character Analysis of From Prison to Home Essay

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For this assignment we had to watch the film From Prison to Home. This film is about people in prison getting out and being on parole. Not only are these people on parole they are trying to live life with obstacles and stay out of trouble. Now this movie in particular follows four men who have been released and are going through a special program, this program is called the African American Program. This program in particular is supposed to be able to help out African Americans get the help they need so they can stay out of trouble. The four men that this movie follows are; Richard, Arthur, Calvin, Randy.
This whole movie is based around these four men and to discuss them we are going to start with Richard. During this film Richard had
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Calvin is a 49 year old man who has a dope problem. For Calvin to get clean he is living with his sister and going to school. Calvin is also working and trying to find a job, but it is slightly difficult for him to do so. Then later in the film Calvin’s sister then gets ill and he stops his job and schooling to take care of her. His sister then passes away and he states that he did do dope one more time, but decided to not do it again and stay clean. At the end of the film Calvin was doing okay.
The last person we are going to talk about is Randy. Randy is a man who had just gotten out of prison after serving 16 years for murder. Through the whole movie randy has been struggling with finding a job because everywhere he tries to go just looks at the fact that he served time for murder. During the movie Randy is always looking at the bright side of life and looking toward his family to get him going in the right direction, and he even has another child with his girlfriend. At the end of the film Randy is doing great and living up to his expectations of his parole. I personally believe the filmmakers created this film to get awareness out for how hard it is for paroles to reintegrate back into civilian life. Also I feel that the filmmakers have four key points that I found within this film. These four key points have a huge role in parole and what makes it so hard for these people to get their lives straight. The first key point is poverty. Poverty makes getting
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