Character Analysis of From Prison to Home Essay

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For this assignment we had to watch the film From Prison to Home. This film is about people in prison getting out and being on parole. Not only are these people on parole they are trying to live life with obstacles and stay out of trouble. Now this movie in particular follows four men who have been released and are going through a special program, this program is called the African American Program. This program in particular is supposed to be able to help out African Americans get the help they need so they can stay out of trouble. The four men that this movie follows are; Richard, Arthur, Calvin, Randy.
This whole movie is based around these four men and to discuss them we are going to start with Richard. During this film Richard had just gotten out of prison, and that very same night he went out and smoked crack. That is where the major issues begin, Richard then figures some things out and he starts working, and discovers that he has gotten his new girlfriend pregnant. After he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant they decided they were going to get married. Then not everything turned out and Richard stopped going to his job, and started hanging out downtown where he wasn’t supposed to be. Richard was then arrested and they discussed how they were going to get him in line and keep him out of trouble. So throughout this film Richard had struggled with addiction and keeping his life straight.
The next one we are going to talk about is Arthur. Arthur is a man who has gotten…