Character Analysis of Gertude in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Gertrude’s care for Hamlet is evident from her first lines in Act 1, wherein she begs Hamlet to “cast nighted color off” in an attempt to bring him out of two months of mourning. This shows her love for him in that she is concerned about him in his sad state of mourning. In Act 2, Gertrude asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern “instantly to visit too much changed son” in order that they might discover the cause of his seeming insanity. This shows that Gertrude is concerned about her son’s health and wants to take action to discover and help fix his problems, further evidence of her motherly love. Later in the scene, Gertrude refers to Hamlet as a “poor wretch,” showing her pity and concern for him. She tries everything she can think of to help bring Hamlet out of his madness, including using Opehilla as a instrument to bring Hamlet to his normal state. Gertrude is trying hard to return Hamlet to sanity because she loves him. In another scene, begin their performance of The Murder of Gonzago or The Mousetrap, Gertrude requests that her “dear Hamlet” come sit by him, because she enjoys the company of her son and wants him to feel welcome. She also hopes that her close chaperonage might allow her to prevent any embarrassing behavior. After the play and Claudius’ enragement, Gertrude calls Hamlet to her parlor and tells him that he has “much offended” Claudius. This is her attempt to discipline Hamlet for his…
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