Character Analysis of Laurie Saunders in The Wave Essay

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The Wave is a story about a high school senior class that has been intrigued to join their teacher’s cult known as the Wave. Several people tried to prevent the denial of his movement. Laurie Saunders the main character in the wave, is a rebellious girl who is very ashamed of this movement and is not inspired by her history teacher. He shows them a very emotional video of what Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party did. Some of the students take it more personal than others do. Because of Laurie’s bravery, independence, and determination, Laurie denies the Wave.
Laurie feels nobody recognizes her anymore during the wave movement; therefore she is brave by denying it. When Laurie goes to the football game her friends notice she refuses to give
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Laurie is not worried about fun during the wave that’s why she isn’t afraid of The Wave.
Laurie is very determined to end the wave because it is hurting people. Laurie doesn’t want people getting hurt therefore she tries to stop it. “Don’t you see” Laurie said, mistaking his hesitation for a glimmer of doubt you’re so idealistic David you’re so intent on creating some kind of utopian society full of football teams. You don’t see it at all. They have a right not to join. Laurie tells her boyfriend no one has to join the wave movement at all because the Wave is out of control. Laurie’s boyfriend is getting out of control about the wave. He thinks extending it to the football team is a fantastic idea which it’s not, which leads to their break up. Laurie is determined to say anything she wants about the Wave in the Gordon Grapevine. “I will write and I will say anything I want to, and you can’t stop me. Laurie is determined to write anything she wants and her friends can’t stop her from doing that. After Laurie edits the Gordon Grapevine, David and Brian try to Catch her and try to take away the paper away from her and they fail. All in all, Laurie doesn’t care whether she gets in trouble or not she wants to be the hero that ends the Wave.
Because of Laurie’s independence, bravery, and determination Laurie denies the Wave. Due to Ben Ross’s Dictatorship, Laurie is not one of the followers in this event. For example, the cult with the Black Nike’s cause followers
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