Character Analysis of "Pride and Prejudice" Essay

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Pride and Prejudice

The characters and general setting in Jane Austen's;" Pride and Prejudice", portray life in the rural society of the day. Austen is very clear in setting up the social classes of the characters and immediately portrays why the book is titled "Pride and Prejudice." Though the more specific example of Pride and Prejudice is that of Elizabeth and Darcy, and how they first view each other. There initial feelings towards one another set the plot of the novel. It is this constant battle of quick wit and occasional insulting which eventually leads to the mutual enlightenment of Elizabeth and the proud Darcy. Even though both of these characters take on transformations, for the better, through out the book, Elizabeth's
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The middle child, Mary, whom I would describe as the least dramatic and plainest of the sisters always has her face in a book. Then there is Jane, the Oldest sweetest and most lovable of the bunch.

Very early in the novel it can be picked up that Lizy is not very fond of her family, she is actually mortified by them as she states over dinner at Netherfield (Austen 30). There is a sense that Lizy and Jane both feel that their parents are incompetent and subsequently take the role of the authority figures in the family. Examples of this usually occur when it comes to her younger sisters and their hobby of chasing red coats.

There is a Negative consequence of Elizabeth having to play the Authoritarian role in her family. As a result of the failures of her parents, Lizy takes it upon her self to fill in their gaps. In a way this leads her to have an exalted view of herself and she becomes quit judgmental. Although Lizy has developed these bad qualities, her good qualities, which outweigh the bad, must be mentioned. She is very Intelligent and outspoken with a sharp tongue. When she speaks it is with confidence, truth and virtue. The trouble begins when all these qualities go to her head and she hurries to judge the people around her, especially Darcy.

Darcy subsequently shares the same pride and judgmental flaws as Lizy. This leads them to clash with one another through out the entire novel. Darcy Begins be saying that Lizy is
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