Character Analysis of Romeo in William Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo, at the beginning of the play, is a love-struck, immature, and impulsive young man. In the beginning of the play, Romeo believes that he has found the person and place “where I am in love” speaking of Rosaline, a girl who he barely knows (I.i). Romeo is love-struck and impulsive, saying that about Rosaline after just meeting her. Romeo doesn’t know what real love is, he is just an immature young man who doesn’t see reality as it is. Towards the end of the scene, Romeo sees a new girl named Juliet and questions if his “heart {has} loved till now” (I.v). Romeo forgets and moves on from girls he “loved” very quickly making him immature and an impulsive lover. He “loves” the prettiest girl he see without even meeting her. Overall, …show more content…

The new couple barely knows each other, but they still are taking each other hand in marriage for the rest of their lives. This is because they are both blinded by the thought of love so much so they believe their love is real even though they met less than twelve hours ago. Romeo believes “Juliet is the sun,” based on her appearance he feels she glows bright just like the sun (II.ii). Romeo love is based off looks and not personality or passion. This is because a “young men’s love then lies not truly in their heart but in their eyes,” (II.iii). Overall Romeo and Juliet's love is artificial because they barely even know each other and its all about appearance. The desire to have or receive what we want is inevitable, although that desire can lead people to do the unthinkable against their state of nature. As the desperation for what the person wants grows, many resort to doing illegal actions in order to receive what they are craving for. In Romeo and Juliet, they both resort to illegal drugs to receive the freedom and death they want, which is against their state of nature. In real life, most people steal objects they can’t buy or have, acting on their desires. Against their state of nature people also use words to manipulate another person to receive what they are longing for. Many people manipulate people by not telling them the whole story making them believe it the right opinion

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