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Character Analysis of Shrek and Lord Farquaad In traditional fairytales, ogres are man-eating beasts. The prince usually rescues the princess; they marry and live happily ever after. How do the makers of 'Shrek' use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, to reveal the ogre as good, and the prince as evil? In this essay, I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, and write about how filmmakers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairytale. In conforming fairytales there are Princes such as prince charming, but they are the only kind of prince you are normally going to find, whereas the ogres and giants are a mixed breed, there is the ogre…show more content…
This is an attempt to frighten the villagers away. He also tries frightening them by shouting at them fully to scare them away from his home, and attempting to slay him. The storybook characters react in shock, frozen in horror, and it takes Shrek to tell them what to do for them to runaway. This suggests that Shrek does not really want to hurt them, and just wants to scare them off, and have some privacy for himself. When Shrek tries to intimidate Donkey, he reacts by laughing at him because he doesn't see the harm that every other person sees, "You need some Tic-Tacs" Donkey ridicules. Donkey keeps irritating Shrek without noticing by running in to his house with Shrek letting him, jumping up and down on his chair and when Shrek kicks him out, peering through the window staring at Shrek. Also just generally doing things Shrek doesn't really want him to do, e.g. invading his privacy. The mice tease Shrek by thinking that his house is their new home, but they cannot see what he is, so they believe him to be just some big cuddly overgrown bear. Both these suggest that Shrek isn't as frightening as he should be, if he was all he wants, he would be shouting and crushing bones, and terrifying the unwanted guests away. Donkey tells Shrek that he should get his swamp back by going to Lord Farquaad and pulling off some 'ogre stuff', he also tells him that he is too

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