Character Analysis of Victor Frankentein in Mary Shelley´s Frankstein

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In 1818 Mary Shelley wrote a horrific novel titled Frankenstein. It was such a hit back then, that it is still people still republish and make shows and movies from the book. Frankenstein, is about a young man, Victor Frankenstein, who is obsessed with science and trying to find the secret to life. While he is away at college, he thinks he has found it and begins putting a person together using various body parts. As soon as the person has life, Victor realizes his creation is a monster and immediately regrets the monster he has brought to life. He goes several years with hearing nothing from the monster and then finds it killed his youngest brother. On his return home, he decides he will track the monster down. It does not go so well though. Over the course of Victor’s life time, he loses everyone he loves and cares about because of his creation. Victor decides to track down the monster, which leaves clues leading to the North Pole. Victor runs into a ship captain and tells him the story. As they both continue to look, Victor becomes very sick and eventually dies. One night the ship captain, Robert Walton, hears noises from the room where Victor’s body lays. When he walks in, he sees the monster weeping over the body. The monster tells Mr. Walton how regretful he is and that he has nothing to do now and his life was over. After that he ran off into the cold, darkness and was never heard from again. The puzzle of the story is what was going through Victor’s head through all

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