Character Analysis of Water for Elephant

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Doris Zhang Miss. Trosko English Character Analysis Essay 9th Novemember 2011 Water for Elephants In a recent interview for “”, Robert Pattinson, a household young actor, revealed that he was offered with various movie characters that he could choose from as his next role after starring in the “Twilight” series. Finally, he decided to play the role of Jacob Jankowski in a film adaptation directed by Francis Lawrence, “Water for Elephants”. Why did Robert Pattinson choose to act an orphaned and impecunious Cornell veterinary student who earned a living as a vet in a traveling circus? In what way did this character attract him? What would a Polish American’s life be like during the Great Depression?…show more content…
His strong mind made it easier for him to accept the truth that he lost his all at an instance. Jacob is also brave, seeing from his return after his lover Marlena was caught back to the circus during their elopement. Realizing that August, Marlena’s husband, would kill him without a second thought, Jacob still headed back to the circus. It was Jacob’s braveness that helped him get through the tough time. Notwithstanding all his strengths, Jacob is too impulsive and naive, which could have killed him if he was not lucky enough. Here is an example. After a fierce fight with August for Marlena, Jacob was forced to leave the circus or he would inevitably be treated with violence. He impulsively came up with the idea of running away with Marlena without thinking about how terrible would his friends be abused after their leave. As a matter of fact, his only friends in the circus, Camel and Walter were red-lighted(thrown out of a moving train) and found dead as a result of helping him. The intended victims also included Jacob. Camel and Walter’s death left Jacob with lifetime regrets. A young man from a middle-class family, Jacob didn’t always understand the dilemma others were in. He just naively judged people from one aspect. After Rosie was misused by August, Jacob intended to beat August up without trying to consider August’s
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