Character Analysis on Nunnally Johnson in The Grape of Wrath

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The Grape of Wrath is one of the best known representations of the depression and the things that people went through. It focuses on the Joad family, a small family that is forced out of their home. Because of the large family they have with them, they have to head west in hopes of finding jobs. After a long difficult journey, the finally reach California after finding a bill looking for workers. They go through many different trials while the men try to find jobs, and the son, Tom Joad is haunted by the past he thought that he left behind. All of the characters are very well developed and they all have pros and cons. The best character in Grapes of Wrath, by Nunnally Johnson, is Ma Joad because she is strong, kind, and determined. Ma Joad is the best character in Grapes, by Johnson, because she is strong. The scene that Ma shows most how strong she is is when she and Tom say goodbye. Tom has to leave because his past is haunting him and he is terrified of getting his family in trouble or hurt. The night he leaves, he tries to sneak out without saying goodbye to anyone, but he accidentally wakes up Ma. They go outside and talk. Ma is crying and hugging him but admits that she always knew that he would have to leave. Tom and Ma are really close through the whole movie, so it is one of the hardest things ever for her to just let him leave. She shows her strength by letting him go because she knows that it is the best thing for him and the family. She understands that having
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