Character And Landscape : The Interlocking Elopement Of Isolation

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Character and Landscape: The Interlocking Elopement of Isolation According to Michael Budd in his essay, “A Home in the Wilderness”, the Western genre is “based” on distinct “oppositions” that operate to complicate character relations and move the plot forward (2). Within these various oppositions, Budd highlights one of the most prominent is the juxtaposing “settlement and wilderness” which can be seen at the forefront of films such as Ride Lonesome directed by Budd Boetticher in 1959 (2). In Ride Lonesome, the main character of Ben Brigade is an aging bounty hunter that seeks revenge against a bandit that murdered his Wife; Landscape in the film is used to demonstrate the volume of isolation he feels that ineptly separates him from the…show more content…
When focusing on the opening sequence of both films, key shot angles and perspectives of the wild landscape allude to elements of the main character that alert the audience to their distinct separation from society. When analyzing the first shot sequence of The Searchers, a women is seen opening a door from the inside creating scenic shot in which the outdoors is framed from her perspective. In showing this shot from her perspective, a distinct juxtaposition of separating landscape from civilization is demonstrated as she stands from her porch looking out. From following her perspective this relates closely to Budds’ understanding of how Ford creates a visualization of civilization through the stylistic “…tradition in which home and shelter is juxtaposed with its opposite” being “the desert wilderness, within single images” (2). The “visual confrontation” in turn creates a focused “framing” device for the audience where of harsh color separations between home and landscape inhabit a distinct isolation of the protagonist within their inhabitance (2). In following her direction, the camera utilizes an eye line shot that pans to the direction of a rugged road where Ethan can be seen riding in from a distance. What is distinct about this shot is how Ethan essentially becomes apart of the landscapes rural composition, while the female counterpart visually stands out from the landscape. Distinctly her wardrobe visually separates herself from the landscape as the brighter

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