Character Between Sonny's Blues vs a Rose for Emily Essay

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PT202 Advanced Darkroom Tuesdays Spring 2013 Assignment: Moving Beyond Traditional Printing For this assignment you are to consider the five printing and one shooting methods outlined below. You will find that each of these techniques will produce interesting results. Start with a method that interests you and continue on from there. 1) Combination Printing: Using two enlargers- 1 Set up enlargers and easels using negatives of your choice. 2 Place a sheet of white paper in the easel of Image 1. Trace a simple outline of the portion of Image 1 that you want to combine with Image 2. Put this tracing into the easel of Image 2 and adjust the easel so that the portion of Image 1 falls where you desire into image 2. 3…show more content…
2 Make a multiple exposure test strip under image enlarger as usual, process as usual and determine best exposure time. 3 Once the time is determined create a sabbatier test print by exposing for the time determined in step 2, then… 4 Develop print in developer for 1/2 normal development time (1 minute). 5 Remaining in the darkroom move print to tray of running water, do 30-45 second rinse. Squeegee print, place on flat tray. 6 Place tray under enlarger. Stop down lens 2 stops. Make a step test on print (5-25 seconds). 7 Put print back into developer for remainder of normal development time (1 minute). 8 Use stop and fixer as usual. 9 Check your test print. 10 Use test print to determine best 2nd exposure (white light) time and process as usual. 4) Photogram 1 Stop down all the way. 2 Place objects on test strip. 3 Make multiple exposure test strips. 4 Make image on a full sheet of paper using exposure determined from test strip. Note: Experiment with materials- particularly interesting are materials that allow some light to pass through them so that the areas are not solid white. Consider your composition and what you are trying to achieve with the objects that you use, don’t just throw a bunch of elements on a sheet of photo paper. You can also use a small pen light to create additional exposure in white areas. You can also photogram over the top of a

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