Character Biography: Karen Richards (All About Eve)

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Assignment Dialogue A. 1. I play Karen Richards. I think she’s in her early thirties, and she’s Margo Channing’s best friend. She’s also stylishly well-dressed and supports her friends for the best. 2. This action takes place around the 50’s. 3. It takes place at an empty ladies’ room at Stork Club at night, with two chairs in a corner. 4. Karen is Margo Channing’s best friend, she’s the person that meets Eve Harrington, a big fan of Margo, in the cold alley outside the stage door. She eventually introduces Eve to Margo Channing. 5. Karen about herself: “I love fashion and I think I’m a fabulous fashion icon myself. I’m a great friend towards the people I care about and most importantly, I’m honest and not selfish.” Margo Channing:…show more content…
C. 1. My house is enormous. It’s filled with lots of glamorous, expensive furniture with wooden stairs to the second and third floors. My husband Lloyd is a big fan of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, so we have gramophones in each great room. I’ve also decorated the house by myself with little support of a specialised house designer and I had chosen red and black as the two basic colours. The atmosphere in our manor is pretty empty at times. Due to both our busy schedules, Lloyd isn’t home that often and so am I. But when we are reunited, usually during the weekends, we invite people over and the atmosphere is filled with joy and greatness. 2. The street in where we live is where the wealthy people live, so it’s not really crowded like in streets of the city. Besides, it’s actually distant from the city.. the noises and the poor. Basically a good place to refresh and rest your minds. To be honest, I’m not really close with our neighbours. They’re rich too and somehow, I always get the feeling they actually pretend to be nice to other people and have this evil back-up plan somewhere in their head. (Which I do not have of course!) 3. My family is very close, fortunately. Even though, I live together with Lloyd for two/three years already, my mum and dad always want to see me at least once or twice a week just to know how I’m doing. I have one older brother

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