Character Changes In Night, By Elie Wiesel

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Have you ever had a day where you were excited and then someone made you so angry, you could hardly stand it? As humans, we are constantly changing and adapting to fit our environment. Humans also can have mood changes due to age, rough times or any other difficult driving force. In the book “Night”, by Elie Wiesel, Elie experienced many changes because of what he experiences. Elie had to change in order to survive and keep his loved ones by his side. Over the course of the book, Elie evolved the way he acted towards people, loved ones, and the things he thought he knew to be true. Elie experienced many changes, as a person while he was in Auschwitz. Before Elie was sent to Auschwitz, he was just a small naive child that new very little…show more content…
Elie believed so strongly in his religion. By taking time out of his day, Elie showed incredible discipline and focus because it takes time to learn about something new. While not perfect, Elie had some good things about him, but he would soon change because of his experiences in the concentration camps. While Elie was in the concentration camp he changed the way he acted. This new behavior led him to develop new character traits. While Ellie was in the concentration camp he became angry at many things. For example “I would have dug my nails into the criminals flesh” (Wisel 39). Elie shows extreme anger when the Nazi officials are beating Elie’s father. Elie was angry because the Nazi soldiers were not treating them nicely and keeping them in poor conditions. Elie was usually not a person to display anger, but he shows this when his family members are being hurt. Elie wants to stand up for what is right and for his family members. Despite his studying, Elie wavered in his belief in Kabbalah while he was at the camp. Elie was a religious boy before he went to Auschwitz, but while in the camp, he became angry at God. In the book Elie says, “‘Where are You, my God?’” (66). Elie is wondering why God is not helping the Jews. Elie had complete faith in his religion until he experienced and witnessed such horrible suffering. He had been taught that God will punish evil and save the righteous. However, when Elie saw that God was not helping the Jews situation,
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