Character Comparison of the Breakfast Club

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In all of our lives there are goals we have, values we possess, and strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. All of us, no matter if we are a jock, or a brain, someone who succeeds in education, or someone who wants so badly to get out, face barriers in our lives. Some of us come from broken families, some us of come from abusive situations, but all of us have a unique and individual story. At the heart of this story are the struggles we have experienced, the people we have associated ourselves with, and the lessons we have learnt along the way. Such can be said about my own life, and the lives of the characters from the Breakfast Club. The characters from the Breakfast Club that I feel most represent me are: Claire Standish (The…show more content…
John is a loyal person, and has a very assertive mindset. He seems to want to have social attention, because of the neglect he faces at home. John has a very hard home life, with an abusive alcoholic father. Other than him having an alcoholic father, John and I are very different. I am not, and never have been neglected in any way, and I do not choose to have the trust and friendship of people around me. Writing about myself, is honestly the hardest thing anyone has ever asked me to do. My life has been filled with great opportunities; I have been able to see parts of the world; and meet some interesting people along the way. In doing so, seeing the world has given me a great perspective on myself, it
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