Character Defines the Person You Are

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Character, what is it? It’s the thing that says who we are and defines the type of person we are. It’s the thing that separates us, who we are as people. It’s that little thing that says what type of person we are, character. Perseverance, what is it? Also known as the essential trait for success, it’s one of the many character traits that are important for you to believe in, but this trait in particular is important for everybody in order to be successful in life. Perseverance stands for one thing and one thing only, determination. Perseverance means working hard regardless of any odds or obstacles that may exist in your path to be successful in what it is you’re going to achieve. Perseverance means to insist, to be firm on getting something done and not giving up, because in life we won’t always have things going our way. Sometimes we may even fail at completing a task or getting what we want, but by persevering and sticking to the task we will eventually overcome it, and be successful. Although while perseverance is an important trait, another good trait I feel is pretty important for a person to have is Courage. So what is Courage? To me, courage is a passive trait. Courage isn’t something that can be consciously used or evoked; a thing or feeling that is hardly even felt when it happens. Courage is a disposition, a measure, a test of how willing you are to stand out to establish or restore what you see as just or righteous in the world, or in any given situation
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