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In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the main protagonist, Hamlet experiences a series of events that dramatically change his character. When the audience first meets Hamlet, he is dressed in all black he is portrayed as a sulky, depressed prince. Through the course of the play however, it is revealed that Hamlet as a character has more than one side to him – he is brooding as he is impulsive, and he is vengeful as his is indecisive. The audience sees Hamlet struggling with the death of his father, and the emotional toll of knowing the truth but being unable to exact revenge. This is what essentially changes Hamlet. Because of the constant back and forth of having to act like nothing is wrong and having to suppress his rage towards King Claudius, …show more content…
He also suggests that no matter what happens, no matter how insane he may act in the future, it must not be revealed that he had witnessed the ghost: “But come: Here as before, never, so help you mercy, How strange or odd some’er I bear myself (As I perchance hereafter shall think me to put on antic disposition on)” (1.5.169-173) Here Hamlet again hints that he might have be deceitful in the future and that nobody must know that he found out the truth about his father’s murder. In Act I of Hamlet, the audience meets a seemingly depressed and grieving Hamlet, but even by the end it is revealed that Hamlet may not always be acting the way he truly feels.
As the play goes on, from the Mousetrap play to Hamlet’s uncharacteristic acting (as perceived by those around him) what must be remembered is that Hamlet is only human. His girlfriend, Ophelia has been specifically instructed to not talk to him anymore. He struggles with the death of his father and most likely loses sleep thinking about his meeting with the ghost and whether the ghost of lying or not. He even has to deal with the utter disgust he has towards the King and the Queen, disgust towards the King because he is possibly the man behind his father’s death and disgust towards the Queen which is expressed a number of times for not feeling the slightest amount of grief before marrying Claudius. He is pushed so far so that he contemplates suicide. In his famous soliloquy which begins in “To be or not to be”

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