Character Development Scene In Godfather

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The movie Godfather introduces you to the life of an Italian-American mobster family, during the prominent era of the 1940s and 1950s. The story follows the family of Don Vito Corleone where there youngest son Michael is about to decide of he is going to join the family business or not. One can argue that Dinner at Louis Italian Restaurant ' is probably one of the most memorable scenes from the classic movie because it represent a major turning point and a crucial character development scene in the movie for the character Michael as he decides to follow in his family business. We begin this important scene with a car driving up to a building with neon signs, Lousi Italian Restaurant. This establishment shot tells us where the setting takes place. With the three characters inside we get over length haul of the restaurant. Its small dark and nearly empty. Even the props, from the dark red wine that the waiter pours to the dark tie that Michael is wearing, reinforce the darkness of this story. The only lighting available in from neon signs that help rame Michaels face when he talks. At the table there’s tension between Michael and Sollozz as they begin starting at each other. Mcclucksy breaks the silence and the camera cuts to him folding his napkin in his shirt. He with the first bit of dialogue. who ask if they have good Italian food in an Italian restaurant. Which seems like a silly question veacuse they are at an Italian restaurant. Mcclusky was obviously here for
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