Character Development in Brave New World

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In the novel, Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, the author uses character development to contrast the two different societies present in the novel.He shows the importance of morality, or an increase in wisdom in the character of humankind. The author contrasts a society full of static and flat characters and another society full of round characters. In order to show the importance of life experiences in changing the character of individuals in the society. Bernard Marx an Alpha plus specialist in sleep teaching is an example of a character that changes in the brave new word. He changes from a character that symbolized individuality to a character that just wanted to desperately belong to the society. At the beginning…show more content…
The major development seen in John’s character takes place near the end of the story, as he seeks a more pure life in a remote location. John feels as though he’s been poisoned by this new civilization “I ate civilization. It poisoned me; I was defiled. And then, I ate my own wickedness.” (241). He wants to not only live a noble life, but to make this life on his own, so chooses an abandoned lighthouse, far enough away from the disaster of a community he views Brave New World as a negative place with negative ideas. This is a major change from the identity he showed before being poisoned by this civilization, but once again he stays true to his values by leading this new life on his own. John’s strong moral values prove to be the one constant in his character. Lenina is a woman who works in the embryo store of the hatchery. She represents the ideal citizen of the world state, and she undergoes a change in character towards the end of the novel. She begins as a conforming World state citizen, midway she feels some degree of love for John, then at the end she contributes to the death of John. At the beginning of the novel Lenina is the epitome of the world state female, and the world state citizen. She seems to be quite Vapid, a clear description of this was in the discussion between Henry Foster and the assistant Predestinator. Henry says ’Oh, she’s a splendid girl.Wonderfully pneumatic. I’m surprised you haven’t had
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