Character Diary - Hamlet Essay

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Character Diary – Hamlet Act 1 Day 1 - I was once again reminded of my mothers’ marriage to my uncle, Claudius. To this day I still feel disgusted and outraged that either of them would think it is morally okay to do such a thing. My father had only past away under a month before my mother had married my father’s brother. I think it’s terribly disrespectful and ignorant towards my father. He would have given the world and more. He loved her more then anything, and I don’t understand how she marry his brother in such short time, and not feel guilty or disgusted by herself. It just astonishes me. Day 2 – Horatio, Marcellus, and Barnardo approached me with exciting, and hopeful news tonight! They told me that they saw the ghost of…show more content…
Day 48 – Today my friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were welcomed into the castle. I was extremely happy to see them, as I had missed them dearly. The whole time we spent together though, they were trying to pry information out of me, and trying to get me to open up. I feel as if they were hired by Claudius or Polonius to try to find a reason for my madness. If my assumptions are correct, my have madness has captured the attention of Claudius, and many others which was my intention. Also, a group of actors arrived at the castle today. I approached them in hopes of them helping to put on a play I am writing. This play is going to be a similar reenactment of my father’s death. I will have a man act as Claudius, and another as my father, and have Claudius’ character murder my father. From this I am hoping to get a reaction out of Claudius as he watches this play. It will give me a chance to hopefully prove that Claudius is guilty of murdering my father. After talking to the group of actors, they all agreed to act in my play, which was music to my ears. Tomorrow I will write the script. Act 3 Day 49 – I informed the King and Queen that I would like them to attend my play today. I’m anxious to see Claudius’ reaction when the actors act out his murder. I really hope that he reacts in such a way that I can prove to my mother and everyone else that he was the one who murdered my father, and that he did
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