Character Dilemmas In Ariadne Oliver's Ten Little Niggers

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The crime novelist Ariadne Oliver attends to a lunch meeting with other writers and fans. At this meeting, she is confronted by a woman unknown to her. The woman is asking questions about the deaths of Mrs. Olivers friends, a seemingly happily married couple. Seeing that Ariadne both was a close friend of the two and a crime novelist, the woman figures that Mrs. Oliver could find out if there’s something worth knowing about their deaths. At first Mrs. Oliver is reluctant; She writes crime stories, why would she know anything about mysteries in real life? But at the same time she’s curious to know the truth about the seemingly odd deaths. She decides to pay a visit to a friend of her, Hercule Poirot, a well-known detective. Together they decide to investigate the matter further and as the story progresses you get the feeling that there is an underlying reason for the womans concerns. I would say. that the moral of this story is that things aren’t always as they seem and just because something is generally accepted as true, doesn’t mean it must be true. As you can see, this book is rather short, only 160 pages. I usually find that short books are exiting and that they’re keeping you interested throughout the whole book. Books that are several…show more content…
And that was one of the best books i've ever read. And one reason this book isn’t as good as that, apart from her age, could be, at least for me, that this one is more realistic than Ten Little Niggers. It doesn’t feel very likely that the things happening in Ten Little Niggers could happen in real life. While, I may be wrong, but I think that Mrs. Oliver and Poirots work in Elephants can remember quite accurately corresponds to the work that policemen and detectives do in real life. And I think it’s harder to make a thrilling and exiting book if it’s very realistic, because reality can be quite boring

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