Character Education

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Character Education I read five articles on character education. These articles helped me to better understand the importance of character education and useful techniques and methods to teach children values and morals. The first article I read was Champions of a cause by Dick Riley. This article states that character education dates back to the time that the puritans came over to the new world and thought everyone should be reading the bible. They believed that that this would teach good values. The author believes that morals and ethics should continue to be important goals that are taught to children in schools. The character education program mentioned to teach this method is Character Counts and is based on the "six pillars…show more content…
Doing all three of these will help them to develop good core values. Another important suggestion mentioned in the article was that children learn best by doing so to give them ways to practice values that they learn. Have them come up with suggestions on how to reduce fights in school or how to work cooperatively in a group. Also, another important suggestion is that the staff that is teaching the character education program must remember to show the same core values that they are teaching the children to adhere to. The last article I read was Community of caring: A character education program designed to integrate values into a school community by Stephen C. Jones and Janice Stoodley. Community of caring is a character education program in the school that includes the parents and the community in the teaching of values to the youth. Students discuss and practice the values of caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family. At the same time, teachers, school workers, parents and community leaders are modeling the same values. The goal of the program is to let the students figure out for themselves how these values affect behavior and life choices. I think the aspect of this article that is different and important is that it recognizes the responsibility of being a member of a family. A good thing about this program is there is a plan of attack in launching the program in schools.
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