Character Essay: Spongebob Squarepants

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The fictional character I most relate to is SpongeBob, from the popular cartoon show off Nickelodeon, “SpongeBob Squarepants”. You may question how I could relate to a talking sea sponge, and while it may not be apparent now, it will be by the end of the essay. First and foremost one of the essential character traits of SpongeBob is that he is fun-loving. Throughout the show he is always looking for something fun to do. Whether that be “Jelly Fishing” with his next door neighbor Patrick or doing karate with his friend Sandy, he is always looking to have fun. I am much the same, in that I’m a fun loving person that enjoys getting together with my friends. I always try to make plans to go out and do something with my friends, because I enjoy…show more content…
SpongeBob works at “The Krusty Krab”, a dining establishment, as a fry cook, and takes his job very seriously and puts his all into every shift. I carry the same mentality, in that anything I do, I give it my all. Whether it is at work, school, or just doing chores at home, I always work as hard as I can and push myself until I accomplish what I need to. SpongeBob does just the same at work, flipping patties all day and not resting until the customer is satisfied, a mentality that I can subscribe to. Spongebob also shows perseverance in that although he never can pass his “boating license” test, he keeps working at it and trying. Much the same, I try to never give up at anything until I get it done. If I don’t get a topic in a class, then I’ll study it, practice it, and ask for help until I do. I don’t give up if I can help it, just like Spongebob hasn’t given up on getting his license, no matter how many times he’s failed. SpongeBob is also characterized by his friendly, good nature towards others. SpongeBob always has a cheery bright attitude that he not only shows to his friends, but to anyone in his town of “Bikini Bottom”. I try and carry this same mentality with me wherever I go. I feel that if you’re good to others, then others will be good to you. Spongebob embodies this very idea, and always has a good attitude towards not only other people, but towards life in general. His optimistic attitude is one that I very much hold, and try to keep every
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