Character Formation

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Give Your Full Attention to Character Formation 10th June 2010, Chennai, India For some time now, I have been deeply thinking about the reason for the slow progress of abhyasis, and in some cases even about the lack of their progress — total lack of progress. Of course, some are progressing well, but that too is perhaps more because of the personal attention that the Master gives them rather than by their own effort, and I am not referring especially to their spiritual practice but to their lifestyle. You know, in Sahaj Marg we are always talking of the Master giving the inner spiritual condition, which for him is a matter of a second, whereas character formation is the responsibility of the abhyasi. I think, in general, abhyasis…show more content…
It doesn 't mean it only laughs at locks. The locksmith is symbolic of every circumstance that can come between the lover and the beloved. You remember the old story of the man who was so besotted with a girl that when she went out of town, he followed her. There was a river to cross, and the river was in flood. He did not know what to do and then he found something like a log of wood. He took that log of wood and went across the river; and then he found a light burning in the house on the first floor. He said, "That must be my beloved 's room." And he saw to his surprise a thick rope hanging, and he said, "Oh, she loves me so much that she has left a rope for me," and he climbed up using it. And when he entered the room, the girl was stunned. She said, "How did you come?" He said "Oh, there was a boat, you know, there was a log of wood; I crossed the river. And you have left this rope for me." And to their horror, they found that the log of wood was a human corpse and the rope was a python! Now, suppose that lover had been standing on the opposite side — I mean I am giving a deliberate twist in interpretation to this story. Suppose he had stood there waiting until the flood subsided? Then he found the water was muddy because it was a flooding river. He waited till the water was clear. Then he tested it to make sure that there was no contamination. Then he crossed it. What would have happened? So for devoted, loving souls who use these excuses to not come near, I
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