Character Goals And Changing Knowledge Play

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Character goals and changing knowledge play a huge role in ET the Extra Terrestrial, especially once different people discovered ET’s existence. When Gertie found out about ET, she was scared, especially since she was in a very unfamiliar circumstances. Gertie’s unfamiliarity with ET is palpable within the beginning of the scene, and as she continued to learn more about ET, she became more and more comfortable with being around him and talking about him. In the beginning, she would refuse to stand near ET and stayed far away from him because she was scared and unfamiliar with him. Mike obviously understood that he had to keep ET a secret and had a much better and safer introduction to ET, so Gertie was the only one at risk of acting monumentally different. Gertie’s actions in this scene create and change her long term character goals and changes her perspective and actions within the entire movie. Her naiveté as a child still shows through later in the movie as she forgets some plans through the movie, but she shows love towards ET after becoming more familiar with him and understanding how important he is. The scene is dictated by multiple short term goals by Gertie that evolved into a different situation. This scene marks the turning point where Elliot includes his siblings in his secret and they must work together in order to protect ET. Gertie is continuously asking questions in the scene in order to understand and feel comfortable with ET. Her overall hesitance is
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