Character Helped Shape America

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It cannot not be denied that the creation of this nation was brought by a mixture of cultures, but the main characteristic have an ideological foundation of America because the situation of the originals colonists. Gleason points out that American Identity, even started off with British roots “because the great majority of Americans shared language, literature, religion and other cultural traditions” (59) this nation was created in an intangible things like it was “liberty, equality” democracy and the sense of nationality based on the belief in those main beliefs(Gleason 59)
If priciples like liberty and law practices that reaasured this principles, the colonists might have never would started to protest against what in any case they believe was unfair treatment(Gleason 59). This prove the sense of liberty and equiality that it was thougth at the time. This was the start of American liberty, values that have create a strong nation and instill sense of pride on its citizens.
America symbolizes a fresh start, a new beginning of thigns, the future, land opportunities. American also means immigrant, just like the Irish grocer Eady father. American is a mixture, a melt pot of races Irish, French, Native American, African American, it is the future. Being an American means embracing freedom, multi-ethnicity and the future.
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