Character Log : William Dodd

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Luis Arenivar Mr.Liniger AP US History 7/1/2014 AP US History Summer Reading Project Character Log William Dodd: Born in 1869 in North Carolina. Went to the University of Leipzig where he earn his Ph.D. Dodd served as U.S ambassador to Germany when Hitler was rising in power. Dodd saw first hand how Germany was slowly transformed into a Nazi state. Dodd sent letters warning the government of the menace Hitlers Germany poses, but this warnings fell on deaf ears. William Dodd Jr.: William Dodd’s son who relocated with his father to Berlin. Studied at the University of Berlin. William Dodd Jr. later on served in the Roosevelt administration where he brought his experiences living in Germany. Martha Dodd: William Dodd’s daughter, she moved to Berlin when her father became U.S ambassador. She had many affairs with Nazi officials. She became fascinated with the lavish lifestyle in Germany. She defended the regime and is important even though the atrocities she saw. For example she saw a German girl get disfigured because she offered herself to a Jew. Mildred Fish Harnack: Harnack is a close friend of Martha and a representative of the American Women’s Club. For this reason she was executed in 1943. This show Hitler wanted absolute control and nobody to oppose him. Daniel Roper: Roper is a close friend of the Dodd family. Roper is also a Commerce Secretary. Roper is like an uncle type figure to William Dodd’s children. He was
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