Character Of Mercutio

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Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare who talks about two young lovers in the town of Verona, whose love ultimately end to their tragic deaths. In Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is presented as a minor character, overshadowed by more prevalent characters, such as his friend Romeo. He is first introduced to the play, when heartbroken Romeo seeks help and advice from Mercutio, who then suggests that they both go to a ball hosted by the Capulets. Mercutio is neither Montague nor Capulet, and although he does not seem to have as large of a role compared to other characters, however Mercutio is able to bring dramatic value to the play of Romeo and Juliet, and it is thanks to Mercutio that the story is able to progress and explore the themes and characters in the play. Firstly, Mercutio is used as a plot device by Shakespeare in order to convey the play’s main themes of love and hate, and fate and destiny, and acts as a catalyst for the main part of the story. In the case of acting as a catalyst for the main part of the play, this is illustrated when Mercutio unintentionally leads Romeo to Juliet, by convincing Romeo to attend a ball hosted by the Capulets. This therefore allows Mercutio’s character to…show more content…
Similarly, Mercutio’s death sparking Romeo to, in a way, avenge Mercutio and turn into a villain, further emphasises Romeo’s caring personality and adds depth to his character as a result. Therefore, interrupting Mercutio’s speech and avenging him shows that Romeo is concerned and cares for Mercutio’s well being, showing the audience that Romeo is more than just a reckless, and impulsive character, and that he has more depth. This all allows the audience to gain a better understanding of his character as Romeo is no-longer just a one-sided character, all thanks to Mercutio’s Queen Mab
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