Character Response To Fated Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Dear Fated Ophelia In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the state of Denmark became enrobed in an elusive veil of unrest after the late king’s mysterious death and the hasty remarriage of Queen Gertrude to the king’s brother Claudius. In the midst of the dramatic happenings, the king’s son Hamlet is left to navigate his way through the relational dynamic between Claudius, Gertrude, and Ophelia. The young woman by the name of Ophelia, was the daughter of the late king’s adviser and found herself to be caught in the middle of the surrounding world of deceit and avengement. As Ophelia was molded into the tumultuous game cultivated by those that were seemingly trying to protect her, she in turn was one that received the most accumulated hurt. To dig deeper into the heart of the play, it is beneficial to expound upon a specific dynamic character and develop analysis through their eyes and surrounding environment. Ophelia is a prime character to utilize because she was intermingled in dealings with all other major characters and contributed a unique disposition to every scene in which she was featured. Ophelia strived to embody obedience and equanimity in all that she did and in turn experienced many moments that fully tested her nature. To specify, Ophelia was loyal to maintain obedience to her father and brother, whilst grappling to contain her composure when faced with various relationship struggles between her and Hamlet. Ophelia's devout submission and obedience to

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