Character Revelation Of A Worn Path Story By Eudora Welty

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Name : Rangga Krisna Saputra NIM : 1512021105 Class : 4C Subject: Literature 1 Date : June 5th, 2017 Character Revelation of A Worn Path story by Eudora Welty Character is an imaginative person who plays role in a story. (Kennedy, 1983 in Koesnosoebro, 1988). The role of character is very important. Every story must have its own character, as their function are to play the role in a story. Sometimes, it is easy to interpret how the character is. However, most of the time, it is quite difficult to know about the characteristic of them and readers have to analyses more how the character really is. The characters are not fully revealed at the beginning in order to make the readers curious about them.…show more content…
Her face lighted. “I ought to be shut up for good,” she said with laughter” “My senses is gone, I too old. I the oldest people I know. Dance, old scarecrow,” she said, “While I dancing with you.” (Welty, 326-327) From that utterance, we will know quite much information about the Phoenix Jackson. We know that she is an old woman. It can be seen when she said that her senses had all gone, and she was too old. In addition, this character is also cheerful and full of imagination. We know that from she enjoyed dancing with a scarecrow in which it cannot move nor talk. In revealing the character, we can also use the indirect method. It can be seen from what character says and authorial presentation. In knowing the character, sometimes a character will say something about how they are to other characters. These characters will react to another character about their characteristic. However, in authorial presentation, a writer describes his/her characters’ contribution and background in a story. If the readers want to know further about the character, they should analyze the character because everything is revealed indirectly. To assure our comprehension about indirect method, we will have an analysis about the character revelation. The technique which will be used is authorial presentation. As we can read from the short story, “A Worn Path”: “Putting her right foot out, she mounted the log and shut her eyes. Lifting her skirt, leveling her

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