Character Sketch Of Plato

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Plato was the most brilliant and famous disciple of Socrates. He was born in May-June 428/27 BC in Athens to a noble and aristocratic family. His real name was Aristocles meaning the best and renowned. His nickname Plato was given by the term platys, because of his broad and strong shoulders. He was very good in the study of music, poetry, mathematics and rhetoric. It was at the age of 20 that Plato met Socrates and since then was mesmerized by him. So deep was his influence on him that he gave up the idea of becoming a poet.
In 404 BC Athens witnessed an oligarchic revolution led by Plato’s relatives. Plato was very active at that time. But after the death of Critias, Charmides and the execution of Socrates, he left Athens and became a refugee.
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If we are able to understand human nature properly, we can determine proper fractions of all human beings and determine who would be the fittest to rule. According to Plato, human behavior is influenced by three main sources: Desire(Appetite), Emotion(Spirit) and Knowledge(Intellect). These qualities are present in all human beings, but in varying degrees. Some people are ambitious, greedy and devoted to material pursuits. They are fit for trade and industry. Others take pride in power rather than possession. They are always inclined to fight for victory. They are combative, aggressive rather than acquisitive; they are fit to be soldiers. Finally there are a few who delight in meditation and understanding, they desire not for goods, not for victory, but for knowledge and learning. They find peace not in material possessions, not in power, but in realizing the truth. These are men of wisdom who are particularly fit to rule the state.
In Plato’s perfect state, each class develops its due virtues, and still traders’ and soldiers’ will accept the supremacy of the philosophers to achieve harmony in the functioning of all parts of the state which is an important condition of justice. Justice is a necessary condition of human
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