Character Study Of Finding Dory

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Just Keep Swimming: Character Study of Finding Dory The story “Finding Dory” is about self-determination. Dory, besides her problem of short-term memory, is serious to find her lost parents. No one can forget Dory’s motto of “Just keep swimming” when she was introduced in “Finding Nemo,” where she keeps encouraging Marlin (Albert Brooks), Nemo’s dad to keep going, no matter what the complications are! Thus, Dory has been viewed as a strong character of self-determination, who once makes up her mind, tends to achieve her goal. Despite her short-term memory loss, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) is determined to reunite with her family no matter what the obstacles in Finding Dory (2016). Dory’s personality is one of the most memorable characteristics of any Disney character which will be remembered for years to come. Her attitude towards life shows that people should give others time to express themselves and not judge immediately on the basis of their character and appearance. Dory’s friendly attitude is shown when she meets Hank (Ed O'Neill) who is a color changing octopus trying to flee from the Marine Life Institute which is located in Morro Bay, California and wants to retire to an aquarium life in Cleveland, Ohio. Dory does not get scared or judge Hank on basis of his looks, but instead greets him in a friendly manner and says “Oh, thank goodness. Hi, I’m Dory.” Another instance of Dory’s friendly personality is when she makes a deal with Hank that she will give him her identification tag if he takes her to the tank where her parents are living. When Hank takes Dory to the Open Ocean exhibit, which is where she remembers that she lived with her parents, he takes her to the top of the tank and the camera zooms in on Dory exchanging the tag to Hank and tells him in heartfelt tone “I think I’m gonna remember you.” Her welcoming nature is one of her key attributes in the animated film and it helps her, make her goal a reality. Her absent-minded personality hurts her when she tries to remember, where her parents would be. Her poor memory is shown when she tries to recall what exhibit to go into and Hank believes that her forgetfulness is such a good and not bad thing when he says, “You’re lucky. No memories. No
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