Character Study of Nancy from Oliver Twist Essay

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Character Study of Nancy from Oliver Twist

The novel Oliver Twist was written by Charles Dickens in 1837-39, it was published as a serial form. That era was known as the Victorian era, the Victorian society was a much-divided society; a small wealthy minority lived in luxury where as the rest lived in very poor conditions. The Victorians showed themselves as very religious people but - covertly - they were not at all religious. In 1834 the poor law Amendment act was passed which meant that the poor people who could not feed themselves had to live in the workhouse.

The novel centres on a little boy known as Oliver Twist, who was born in the workhouse and got involved with the underground criminal
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Fagin and Bill wanted Nancy to go and get Oliver due to the fact that Oliver liked Nancy, but Nancy did not want to kidnap him and bring him back, because she knows the difference between right and wrong. "No, she wont, Fagin" is what she said when Bill told Fagin that she will go to get Oliver. This quotation shows that she is spirited; she doesn't want to bring Oliver back to this hellhole. She is immoral yet she knows the difference between right and wrong, but by dint of alternate threats, beats and bribes Nancy was ultimately prevailed upon to undertake the commission.

When Oliver was brought back to the 'hell hole' the Jew - Fagin - started hitting him, but Nancy could not stand all this. So when, Fagin "inflicted a smart blow on Oliver's shoulders with the club, and was raising it for the second when the girl, rushing forward wrestled it from her hand." This shows that Nancy can do anything to protect Oliver; she will even go against the people she grew up with. She was so angry that when she got the club of the Jew's hand she "flung it into the fire, with a force that brought some of the glowing coals whirling out into the room." This shows the anger that she had with in her, "I won't stand by and see it done, Fagin, you've got the boy, and what more would you
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