Character - Unnamed Ira Operative Who Is Under The Command Of Harry

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Character – Unnamed IRA operative who is under the command of Harry, in the Belfast district. Setting – After Danny has been kidnapped by the IRA on the way home from Ike’s funeral. Obeying Orders The engine roared to life, the tyres screeched as we turned sharply left then right and the whop, whop, whop sound of the Army helicopter blades faded into the distance. The watery sun was low in the sky, barely peeking under the dense Irish cloud covering, as we sped away with Danny trussed up in the back of the van, racing past the run-down abandoned buildings which lined the dirty damp streets of Catholic west Belfast. Then, like a wave of water, it hit me. My world went black. I lost all sense of time and place, slipping into a dreamlike…show more content…
He had been overlooked for promotion to the army council. His whole life had been spent fighting the war between the Prods and the Catholics. It was his sole purpose in life and he had assumed that the promotion was his. He had every right to be upset, and the blank dumbstruck expression on his face had said it all. At the same time, the decision had made some sense to me. Joe, who was sold on reaching a peace deal and bringing the prisoners home, saw Peter as the better option in the bargaining process and that Harry was stuck in the past. Joe was adamant that it was almost finalised, he told us that it had the full support of Tony Blair, Albert Reynolds, Gerry Adams and even Bill Clinton. These were names I had only heard about on television, yet unbelievably here they were playing a big part in my life. Harry’s mood only deteriorated after the ceasefire agreement was announced. He wasn’t being listened to and he decided to make his opinion heard, in the way he knew best, at Danny Flynn’s big boxing match against Eddie Carroll. He briefed me of my mission and as always I didn’t question his orders. I just trusted his decision, despite the potential ramifications, as he was my commander. As Harry, Joe and the rest of the boys had entered the hall, I snuck away. Acting cautiously but quickly I located the vehicle, attached the device and made it live. As I re-entered the hall and was being frisked, out of the corner of my eye I saw the target Reggie Bell. I had my
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