Character and Setting Analysis of Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Essay

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Character and Setting Analysis of Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Setting and characters go hand in hand in The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. With Each new setting there is at least one new character development. A new setting in each part of the story makes for diverse settings and characters. From a train leaving San Antonio to around the corner in a small town in Texas, a drunken gunslinger to negro waiters, this story has it all.

This story begins on a train specifically in a parlor car. This is where Jack Potter and his new bride are first introduced though his name is not yet given and hers never is. Crane chooses to tell about Potter in part one of the story so as not to give too much information at once, we do suspect? however that
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The story never informs the reader if they then stay in the dining car for the rest of the trip or return to the parlor car for this reason I will assume that they have remained seated in the dining car until the porter, a stock character used only for further detail in the proceedings leading up to getting off the train, is introduced. Soon after the porter enters the train reaches Yellow Sky and Potter sees the station-agent outside with a ?slightly hurried and anxious air ,? (246) this should hint to Potter that something is not right in his little town, but he is too concerned with his ?betrayal? to his town.

Part two begins in Yellow Sky at the Weary Gentleman saloon, it is 3:21 PM. The first person introduced is the drummer who is talking and being quite sociable to people who could care less if he was there. There are two Mexican herders, stock characters, and three Texans, stock characters only providing background information on, at the bar, the barkeeper?s dog is outside. A young man that is never named enters the bar announcing that Scratchy Wilson is drunk and armed and at this point the drummer is unconcerned and simply offers him a drink. Everyone else in the bar though is worried and the bar keeper closes and bars the door and windows. When the Texans are telling about Scratchy we find out that Jack Potter is the town marshal. Part two ends with an increase in tension in the saloon when gun shots are heard in
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