Character of Chris McCandless of Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer

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Life is never easy, no matter how hard we try to short cut and escape the inevitable difficulties. After College is when life sets in, when work becomes a necessity and we all begin to find a place to settle down. People respond differently to different situations. Some of us embrace the freedom and the ability to earn money and spend money indiscriminately. Others crumple under the social pressures placed on us. Christopher McCandless is a perfect example. Settling down and raising a family, providing for that family and creating a sustainable lifestyle are important and high stress things that we all must deal with if we are to enjoy the finer things in life. Chris totally abandoned that, he gave away all of his possessions; even …show more content…
Conforming to social norms is never a bad thing. Contributing to society in the form of working and helping to provide a service to your fellow man is admirable. Hard work provides many things. Putting in work for a week allows you to relax on the weekend. Putting in a hard work week allows you to get money, allows you to become eligible for promotions and raises. The rewards continue; the ability to provide for yourself or/and a family. When Chris graduated from Emory University he had $25,000 in savings and was set to start a whole life for himself. He had a family who loved him. Yet, he still abandoned all of that, and ran away from petty problems. There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must face things that seem unconquerable. Winston Churchill once said “If you are going through hell, keep going.” This statement applies directly to Chris. He was seemingly afraid of life and when fight or flight took over he just bolted. Growing up is different for everyone. In my opinion growing up is what happens after one graduates from college; when life sets in. After one graduates from college; there are several things that happen. Generally people go out and find a job and become useful to society. They go out and find a nice girl to marry and have children. Life becomes more or less systematic and repetitive. Chris gave up all of these to chase a wild dream that inevitably led to his death. Chris was a selfish child. He exhibited many of the
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