Characterisation In Jane Austen

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Jane Austen came up with many literary innovations that has made people keep talking about her and her books. Barbara Hardy even calls her a possible creator of the modern novel. One of the differences between Jane Austen and her predecessor is the way how they wrote about the private world and the public world. The novelist before Austen had kept the balance between the two worlds but Jane Austen created a way, in which these two worlds can be lived together. (Hardy 11-14) It is the social background that plays a significant role for Austen’s heroines as their mistakes are influenced by their social companions. Hardy writes that “Jane Austen’s heroines never live alone. On the contrary, Austen’s predecessor Fanny Burney placed her heroines away from the…show more content…
Marsh discusses Austen’s novelties and developments in comparison with Fielding’s characterisation in Tom Jones. He explains that “Austen’s characterisation has developed beyond that of Fielding.” (Marsh 235) Not only her readers can watch heroines’ progress of feelings, but Austen also “added psychological depth of her characters […] and they confront their crises with earnest attempts at introspection.” (Marsh 236) The example is shown in his work Jane Austen: The Novels on Elizabeth’s thoughts about Jane and Bingley, when Austen maintained the undercurrent of internal emotions and the character’s repeated attempts to make sense of feelings. Moreover, Hardy argues that “Elizabeth Bennet is engaged in the fatiguing process of thinking and re-thinking,” (Hardy 50) which serves as a proof of the progress of her feelings. Overall, Jane Austen managed to handle the emotional experience in a way that was unimaginable with other authors of her times. (Marsh
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