Characterism, And Heroic Characters In The Wonder Woman

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Several kinds of heroes have been represented throughout literature, most of these heroes represented share ideals that are similar, some that are valued and some that have been set as expectations that society have learned to accept and understand. During the Anglo-saxon times, people would commonly write novels or poems that revolved around heroes and other ubiquitous subjects such as monsters. In the film Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins heroic ideals are represented through the main character Diana Prince. The daughter of Queen Hippolyta is characterized with the typical heroic ideal: strong, selfless, and loyal. Throughout the film, the audience is presented with all kinds of characterization that are credible by Anglo-Saxon roots. In modern day, our works of literature, films, and poems consist of similar ideals that the Anglo-Saxons possessed; however, we also have shifted from some of the things that were portrayed in their works. Our current contemporary ideals also consist of feminism and love.
Diana first appears in the film as a young girl who roamed around the paradise of Themyscira. Inspired by her mother and aunt, she would stand above the towering hills and image their fighting techniques. Desperate, to be just like them Diana insisted to learn the ways of a warrior. Her mother, Hippolyta, began to be concerned of Diana’s demands and does not want her only daughter to learn these techniques. The queen feared that if Diana gained strength, she would be
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