Characterism And Symbolism In The Story Of Ahalya

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Ahalya is not a character but a symbol. When a symbol is analyzed then it becomes a character. A character unfolds to reveal its hidden reality. One of the best examples of this is the story of Ahalya. In the story of Ahalya, every character represents a symbol. Ahalya is the symbol of beauty. Indra is the symbol of indulgence. Gautama is the symbol of ego and Rama is the symbol of renunciation and spirit. ` Beauty is not only visual but also a realization. It could be superficial but also has a finer and deeper meaning. When the essence of beauty is not realized, both beauty and its observation are incomplete. Beauty creates as well as destroys delusion. Indra created delusion in Ahalya while Rama destroyed it. In the rise and fall of…show more content…
But stigma remained. The mere touch of Indra led Ahalya’s downfall and her emancipation was instantly realized by the touch of Rama. Was it so easy and simple? Ahalya, the daughter of Brahma, grew up with the sound of Om and was not an ordinary woman. She was well versed in the Vedas thanks to her father. As the wife of Gautama, she was a respected Vedic woman due to his high status. However, with the touch of lustful Indra, she slid on the path of sin. As it is not easy for a woman like Ahalya to commit sin, it is essential to analyze the downfall and also the transcendence of Ahalya from psychological and sociological perspectives. Many complicated, psychological, sociological and economic reasons drive a person towards committing a sin. Hence Ahalya’s carnal desire cannot be the cause of her downfall. Many years of penance is needed for salvation. Likewise, to commit a sin, long-lasting deprivation, pain, psychological trauma, revolt, depression and the resulting conflict play major roles. Committing a sin needs no less diligence than obtaining salvation. So, why is there contempt for sin? Many Vedic scholars have analyzed the symbolism of Ahalya, Indra, and Gautama. Sometimes Ahalya is assumed to be the dawn and Indra is the cloud. By smearing the dark cloud on the forehead of dawn, Indra has become the illicit lover of Ahalya. But many scholars have depicted Ahalya as the virgin soil which is yet to be toiled. By bestowing rain
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