Characterism In Our Twisted Hero By Yi Munyol

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As autumn approaches, and leaves cascade to the ground as if they're Joffrey ballerinas, trees become a significant symbol of this season and life with their oxygen that fills our lungs. Nevertheless, the entanglement of their arms and height encourage an idea of fright and intimidation, making trees one of the many twisted structures that allows people to function and prosper in existence.
Merriam Webster defines the crooked word of twisted as mentally or emotionally unsound or disturbed, giving synonyms like sick and cruel-minded. Merriam Webster also explains the idea of a hero as a person admired for achievements and noble qualities, and/or one who shows great courage. While agreeing with these denotations, twisted can have several different interpretations based on a person’s perspective. Factors that may change a person’s views on who or what is “twisted” are often his or her ideology, culture, religion, social outlook, and other orientations. As witnessed in Our Twisted Hero by Yi Munyol, there are several characters who could fit the twisted or hero role. For example, some could see Han as apt for the hero by putting the thought of combatting Om initially in the minds of his peers, or the new teacher could be viewed as the hero with his fight to demolish Om’s destructive power in the classroom. While these points are valid, Han and the new teacher do not seem unbalanced in much or any form; they each had purposes and reasoning for what they felt they had to do to
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