Characterism In The Black Witch By Laurie Forest

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The Black Witch, a Novel written by Laurie Forest and published May 2017, attempts to tell a fictional story about a young girl who confronts racism, elitism, and biasness; and grows into a hero for not just her people, but of all races. It is meant to be a story of redemption and learning to trust those she has been raised to hate and fear, a premise in which first intrigued me to purchase the book, however upon reading it fails to succeed in its mission, thus leaving me disappointed in the story. While it is the first book in a series, it is my belief that while there should be some lingering questions that makes a reader want to continue the series, the initial promise of fully trusting the other races should have been fulfilled. Elloren Gardner is the main character, and our POV for this story. We first meet her living in a rural town with her uncle and unaware of her status within her people. Her entire life she is raised with strict religious beliefs, for which she has no basis to question them. Part of these religious indoctrinations is that her people are pure and that all other races are evil, a belief she holds strongly to. We are first introduced to this belief in the very first chapter where Elloren states “We Gardnerians are a pure-blooded race, free from the stain of the heathen races that surround us.” This ingratiates the reader that our main character is racist towards the other races that share this fictional world. On initial reading, I placed this

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