Characterism In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Toni Morrison’s Beloved is a captivating depiction of history. Morrison transfigures history into a powerful yet delicate story. Through the protagonist, Sethe, Morrison tells the story of Margaret Garner who, in 1856, escaped slavery in Kentucky by fleeing to Ohio. Sethe, like Margaret, escaped slavery and found her safe haven in Ohio. Sethe now lives with her eighteen year old daughter Denver and is haunted by many memories of Sweet Home, the beautiful farm where many terrible things happened. Sethe is also haunted in another way, by the ghost of her unnamed baby whose grave stone reads one word, “Beloved”. Sethe is faced with many physical obstacles in this novel, but when a young woman who goes by the name of Beloved shows up at her door Sethe is also challenged mentally and emotionally. The time period of this book is the Post Civil War Era. Morrison starts the novel by blatantly stating the time period when it takes place. “For years each put up with the spite in his own way, but by 1873 Sethe and her daughter Denver were its only victims.” (Morrison 3). Morrison also shows the time period through context clues such as other dates and language. “In fact, Ohio had been calling itself a state only seventy years when first one brother and then next stuffed quilt packing into his hat, snatched up his shoes, and crept away from the lively spite the house felt for them” (Morrison 3). Since Ohio was declared a state in 1803, this text from the novel indicates that the

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