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Characteristics of Persuasion 301/ Social Psychology Characteristics of Persuasion Persuasion surrounds us; it is everywhere that humans exist. From politicians, teachers, religious leaders, police officers, sales persons, family and friends, we are literally surrounded. Anytime you log onto the internet and see an ad, when you are cruising down the road and see a billboard, when you pick up a sales ad for your favorite store, when you read reviews of a book before purchasing it, it is all persuasion. But why is persuasion so important, and how is it so effective? There are three main parts to persuasion according to Feenstra (2011), “As we explore persuasion, we can divide the persuasive communication into three parts: the…show more content…
“Framing” is another persuasion technique used to sell us items we do not need. For instance, I am dead set that my son must always be in a Britax car seat, in fact just this past week I moved him into their newest model with side airbags because it increases his change of surviving a roll-over crash by 15%. They rate the highest on safety always and I will not take anything less. These seats also cost around $300.00, but nothing is too much for the safety of my son. This is an example of gain-framing working on me. It worked very effectively. The 15% more likely chance of my son surviving a roll-over crash sold me straight away. I did not care about anything else. Before I moved to Germany I drove a very big truck. I loved my truck so much, but in Europe large gas guzzling vehicles are not appreciated to say the least. When I went to look at a more European-friendly the sales man was more than happy to oblige me. He showed me their newest released vehicle, top of the line model with extra turbo boost so it would be more Autobahn friendly. He also showed me how their vehicle was one of the only that could be switched to eco-mode which would save me a ton of money in gas. And then he assured me my warranty would be extended to cover me with their European counterparts, which he told me no other car company does. I thought this was fantastic, and I was sold! This is a perfect example of loss-framing.
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