Characteristics Affecting The Choice Of Road Carriers Based On Discrete Choice Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to study the characteristics affecting the choice of road carriers based on discrete choice. Different road carriers have different economic characteristics and are consistent with its competition, shippers and carriers have different preferences when deciding on the choice of road carrier. Currently, a surplus and scarcity of different transport infrastructures can be seen in South Africa and various other developed and developing countries. Large communal infrastructure which includes railways, airports, and seaports, cannot meet current freight demands. Road transport in the form of highways offers surplus capacity for freight transport. Significantly very little to no research has been done on road freight demand models compared to other modes of transportation. The main cause for this is the absence of current and relevant freight demand data. Freight demand data is an expensive and tedious process to obtain. In South Africa, freight is progressively more transported by means of road; this results in a large variation of negative philosophies, external effects including congestion, different types of pollution, and accidents. This has led to public authorities attempting to reduce the road freight predominance.


2.1 Transportation can be grouped into two transportation forms: This includes private transportation and public transportation.

2.1.1 Public
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