Characteristics And Backgrounds Of Serial Killers Essay

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Serial killers can be hiding behind the smiles of your neighbors, grocers, and the most unexpected individuals. According to Boschken (2014), a serial killer is an individual that has committed three or more murders over a month without a large gap between murders. Several different characteristics and backgrounds make up a serial killer. Studies have shown that an individual’s background can give insight into the victims and the offender’s relationship to the victims. Serial killers can also be classified into many different categories ranging from if the killing was planned or spontaneous to the mental reasoning for the crime. Professionals have also created a category for dedicated and habitual offenders. This paper examines the characteristics and backgrounds of serial killers, the different categories of killers, and the way crimes and the offenders are organized.
“The foundation for a serial killer is usually laid down in their early life experiences during childhood with harsh childhood punishment and discipline” (Dalal, Aggarwal, Bhullar, & Sharma, 2009, p. 111). According to studies made by Dalal et al (2009), individuals that grow up in homes where alcohol and drugs are abused, and the child is emotionally scarred or physically harmed are likely candidates to become a serial killer than others who come from stable, loving homes. Other experts have also agreed with this theory that a traumatic home life can produce a serial killer. One hypothesis individuals
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