Characteristics And Efficacy Of Adlerian Therapy

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Characteristics and Efficacy
Adlerian therapy was founded by Alfred Adler, a physician turned psychotherapist. Adlerian therapy was originally called individual psychology (n.d. , Adler University). Adlerian therapy or individual psychology principles are based on the client being looked at “holistically, as a unified personality, or ‘individual’”, how a client’s “social environment” influenced “personality development”, how a client’s choices influence their lives rather than how their past effect their future, what types of “social interest” and “prosocial behavior” are influencing “psychological health”, “purposeful”, “goal oriented”, and “meaningful” behaviors, and understanding the client’s “subjective reality”. Adlerian therapy emphasizes the need for social interest or “community”. The social life consists of “communal life”, “work”, and “love relationships”. “Self-acceptance”, “spirituality”, and “parenting” were added later (Gehart, pg. 96, 2016). The interventions of Adlerian Therapy include “parenting style”, “family constellation and birth order”, “early recollections”, “basic mistakes”, “organ inferiority or physical weak points”, “dream analysis”, “the question”, “psychodynamic formulation”, “life tasks and social interest”, and “DSM Diagnosis” (Gehart, pg. 102-107, 2016).
There are four phases of Adlerian therapy. The first phase is to “establish an egalitarian relationship”. The counselor may do this by “making a positive, warm connection” and emphasizing…
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