Characteristics And Reasons Of The Long Iraq Iran War

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3.4 Summary of Characteristics and Reasons of unemployment
The long Iraq-Iran war has led to the worsening of the living conditions of the people in border areas and in the middle and south of Iraq. It has led to forced migration from the southern provinces, especially Basra and Maysan, to cities distant from war hit areas creating demographic problems in these areas and impoverishing the immigrating families.
When the economic siege was imposed on Iraq after its occupation of Kuwait in August 1990, the efficiency of state institutions were shaken and their performance very much deteriorated and weakened. State spending for social services decreased, poverty increased and the social conditions deteriorated. Feelings of insecurity and instability became dominant on the individual as well as the public levels. While the regime concentrated its efforts on protecting itself, citizens were transformed into refugees seeking food and medicine while deprived of their civic rights.
Years of siege have caused a decline of the per-capita-GDP to 1/10 of the level the country enjoyed in the early 1980s. While Iraq has scored highest among developing countries in terms of the share of per capita income in the GDP, the real monthly per capita income in 1993 became less than the income of unskilled agricultural laborers in India, considered to be one of the poorest countries of the world according to economic reports. Living standards of individuals and families were affected in and
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