Characteristics In O. OBrien's The Things They Carried

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In the chapter “The Things They Carried”, the reader doesn’t know who the author is yet and it is the foundation for the rest of the book. The author describes what each character is like by mentioning what kind of kinds of items they would carry. Each character carried unique items to show what kind of person they are. He also mentioned the weight of each item they would carry to show how emotionally and physically heavy things were. One of the many characters he described was Kiowa, who carried the Bible. Another character that the author described was Jimmy Cross. He carried the fake love he wanted Martha to have for him. Jimmy Cross was so consumed in his thoughts about Martha that he feels that Ted Lavender died because of his fault. After that Ted Lavender’s death, he burned all the things Martha sent him and anything that would remind him of her because he knew he would have to carry the guilt for Ted Lavender’s death. The use of military diction in The Things They Carried, such as mentioning the weight of each item and the numerous types of guns, shows how he was still learning and how all those terms will be relevant to the rest of his story. O’Brien describes the characters in a interesting way. He says the characters name, then he lists what they carry in order to reveal how each of those characters are like. O’Brien mentions the weight of each item everyone carries as well. Depending on who he was describing, the weight of their items would vary. For example

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