Characteristics Making It A Wonderful School Corporation

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Gibson Southern High School has many characteristics making it a wonderful school corporation. It includes the community, the school, the students and constructive characteristics that help bring about its wonderful features. First, I will start with the community. Gibson Southern High School is located on 3499 W 800 S, Fort Branch, IN 47648. It is located in a very rural area. Cornfields surround the area. It is somewhat out in the country surrounded by little to no houses. The houses that surround it, in Fort Branch, usually value at about $121,600. According to, they actually have gone up in percentage over the last year. However, Haubstadt is a town located very close to the school. There are many students from …show more content…

However, I found the student/teacher ratio to be 19:1 and the number of teachers to be about 41. According to the school website and the DOE, 100% of teachers are white. I thought it was also interesting to include that Gibson Southern was rated an “A” school in the school year of 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015. There are also over twenty different school clubs/activities that students can participate in at the school. It also states on the school website that of out of all the students that graduate at this high school, about 80% of them go to college. I will now talk about the characteristics of the classroom. The arrangement of the health classroom I am in is very small. Actually in one period, all of the desks are full. That means that there are exactly 32 desks in the classroom, a desk for me located in the front of the classroom, and a desk for my cooperating teacher on the side. There is a white board at the front of the room and a projector allowing for PowerPoint presentations or video clips. The classroom is very vibrant and engaging for students. A colorful classroom brings out a lot in students, I think. I teach three periods in a row. In the first health period, I have 25 students. In the second health period I have, as I stated before, I have 32 students. In the third health period, I teach 28 students. As stated before, we have a projector that allows for PowerPoint presentations and video clips. There is

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